Growing Hope

Our Network

The core of our network is built out of therapists who value and understand how family systems inform and interact with mental health. When a management change prompted half of the therapy staff to leave Developing Minds, a mental health clinic on Seattle's eastside, it prompted reflection and conversation on how a culture of care is built, and how quickly it can be shattered.

Our Growing Hope is to be able to bring back the family of providers who worked together to support the community in the greater Seattle area. Treating our patients and providers with trust, love and respect means we can create a place for healing and compassion. A team that cooperates, who understands each other's strengths, and can build a greater whole is central to our network.

So let our family help yours. We can work together to grow hopeful, happier and healthier families.

Find a Provider

Every provider in our network has their own specialties and strengths and will work with you and your family to find the right fit for your needs. If you're not sure what those are, give us a call and we'll schedule you with one of our intake therapists who can diagnose and refer you to the right provider.

Mental health professionals in our network take most private insurances.

Conscious Couples Institute

Dennis Minno, LMHC, LMFT and
Brenda Kerr Minno, LMHC, LMFT

Bellevue, WA

Phone: (425)677-5910

This husband and wife team helps couples explore and repair their relationships, working with each individual before coming together for a shared session.

Emerge and Thrive Counseling

Jeanine O'Connell, LMFT

Lynnwood, WA

Phone: (206)661-4279

A public school teacher for 30 years before earning a second Master's in therapy, Jeanine works with children to help them thrive.

Anchoring Connections

Kristina Coyle, LICSW

Arlington, WA

Phone: (425)344-9722

Kristina helps youth of all ages navigate the many transitions of childhood and adolescence, and helps guide parents through the challenging times.

Moxie Family Counseling

Christie de Langen, LMHC

Lynnwood, WA

Phone: (425)493-7634

Christie uses play therapy to help children learn to cope with a variety of mental health and behavioural issues.

Join our Network

The Growing Hope Network is built on two beliefs. The first is that by working together our providers can give better care for the full family system than they can by working alone. The second is that those families are better served by providers who can concentrate on giving great care, and don't have to worry about the rest.

We want to give you the support of a big group practice while making sure you still have the flexibility of a private practice. There is a place for you whether you are just starting and need supervision, or an established therapist who would like to mentor the next generation of clinicians. We recognize everyone has their own strengths, and leverage our Network for case consults, referrals and development opportunities.

Your time is better spent seeing your clients; we can take care of everything else. We offer a full suite of administrative services that you can take advantage of ala carte, including:

You can choose what services will help you grow your practice and reduce your stress. Just imagine never having to call another insurance company... bliss.

Call or Email us today to learn more!